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Villa built by Navon.


NAVIT Management d.o.o. was established in 2012 to provide high quality and exclusive property design and construction customised for the needs of discerning clients.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver value, both for the construction project and for the whole life operating costs of a building. To achieve this objective:

  • We advise on efficient design, utilising the sun to optimal effect for light and heat,
  • We select materials and solutions that are low maintenance and stand the test of time,
  • We provide high energy efficiency by selecting the appropriate insulation and glazing,
  • We provide solar systems (thermal and photovoltaic), and,
  • For winter, solid fuel furnaces (pellet, wood-chip or log) with wet-back to supply radiators.

Our focus on excellence continues throughout our project management services, providing regular reports, inspections and control points; thereby ensuring the client’s project is delivered within specification, schedule and budget requirements.


What we strive for is encapsulated in one tiny word …


There are many factors of ‘wow’ design, including

  • First impressions, with the bonus of unfolding discovery,
  • How the building works with the terrain and environment (including sun and wind),
  • The spatial plan of rooms (a surprise around every corner, or expansive open plan),
  • The sense of seamless indoor-outdoor living (an open and airy feeling, regardless of season),
  • The subtleties and nuances of visual effects (disguising mass, creating secrets or space),
  • The marrying of materials (pleasing the eye, while delivering function),
  • The framing of views and use of landscape planning (leading the eye to the dream view),

… in fact, the list is exhaustive, although, thanks to our experienced team, it is not endless.


Exterior design, built by Navit


Our design and architectural team comprises career professionals with passion and flair for what they do: design and architecture is their life talent (that is why we work with them).

Over many years (prior to our establishment in Montenegro), we have worked with many international ‘signature’ designers, and we still do when specifically requested. However, it has always been the case that our local team end up doing the majority of the work. Therefore we are happiest when our design team lead the project with direct contact between them and the client: which ensures continuity and delivers the best results for local fee rates (value with flair, in our experience).

Our design team varies depending on the project. Each of our designers (all architects by profession) has an area of specialisation and we select and coordinate the design team according to client needs. A retail client seeking a villa or small apartment development of a specific style will have one design team with appropriate talents, while a investor seeking many units (i.e. a resort) will have a much larger and more diverse design team.


In all cases NAVIT Management is the project manager that ensures the client dream becomes a reality: from initial concept through to keys in hand – we advise, support and deliver every step of the way.

For the client there is only one button to press and one source of guarantee: we take full responsibility for what we do because we know that what we do is professionally managed to create one response from you … WOW!


Villa with a pool, built by Navit

NAVIT Management D.O.O.

We have established partners who are specialist importers in Montenegro of all forms of building materials that meet EU standards.

Any material or product required for residential or commercial construction can be acquired for our clients, usually at significant discount to comparable materials available in the local market.

The average delivery schedule is within 90 days from order and all materials/products are provided with manufacturers guarantees. Naturally, NAVIT manages all logistics on behalf of clients.

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