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What We Do Managing construction and other projects in Montenegro

  • Managing projects in Montenegro

    Navon has very strong background of doing business in Motenegro. Our team has experience managing local businesses and outstanding expertise in management of construction and real estate projects.

  • Construction management

    Navon d.o.o. provides high quality exclusive property design and construction. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver value, both for the construction project and for the life operating costs of a building.

  • Our land bank

    Navon has built a ‘Land Bank’ of various sites for development. In our Land Bank there are sites suitable for different development purposes in all the main touristic locations of Montenegro. Bank comprises over 250 000 m2.

  • Financial services

    Even a private property is an investment and if structured correctly it can be an extremely rewarding, profitable and tax efficient investment that delivers both income and capital gain in long term, particularly in Montenegro.

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  • Green energy / Agriculture

    Rapid deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency, and technological diversification of energy sources, would result in significant energy security and economic benefits. Navon will provide for any project of Green Energy: hydro, solar or biomass.

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  • Metal constructions

    Unlike conventional construction methods which require high economic investment, complex assembly and skilled labor, pre-engineered metal parts are designed to fit together with air-tight precision that is achieved without cranes or other heavy machinery.

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Latest projects

  • Construction • Project Management


    Zebra Hotel, Donja Lastva, Tivat. See location Reconstruction of the object – a stone house – an area of ​​400m2....

  • Construction

    Eco Villa in Sutvara, Montenegro

    Located on a land spot of 700m2, two floor villa of 150m2 has two bedrooms, salon, office, summer kitchen, and a spa center...

  • Construction

    Villa Colombus in Lustica, Montenegro

    Navon has designed and built a villa using best in class technologies and materials. Villa is situated in a secluded corner of...

  • Construction

    Twenty townhouses in Budapest, Hungary

    20 townhouses in Budapest, Hungary Project was completed and handed to residents....

Navon d.o.o. 10 Years of Doing Business in Montenegro

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